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Friendship Games 2022

The Friendship Games has always held an annual day at TY Park in Hollywood, FL. Community mental health and substance use agencies in Miami-Dade and Broward counties participated by bringing their members to the park for a day of fun, games and even education.

This year thanks to funding provided by Thriving Mind South Florida, our goal for the Friendship Games is to promote awareness and social acceptance of people with mental health and substance use challenges while bringing together service providers to network and help destigmatize behavioral health.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 we were unable to meet at the park face to face, however, we were able to find a way to still come together.  This year we had a Virtual Friendship Games day where each participating organizations arranged an activity for their peers and captured their moments.


We thank everyone for their participation and we hope you all enjoy the picture and videos where "Everyone's a winner?"

"HOPE LIVES ON" many thanks to Carol Hope for her unwavering commitment to behavioral health and recovery.

Fresh Start of Miami-Dade, Inc.

Millenium Clinic