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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Seminar 1

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), is an evidence-based practice that is used worldwide by individuals who are experiencing mental health and other kinds of wellness challenges. A common sense, self-directed approach that promotes Recovery and Wellness for any life challenge. 

Fresh Start of Miami-Dade Inc. has been a pioneer in the Recovery Movement by sharing the message of Hope through a provision of WRAP trainings throughout the State of Florida. With the Support from SAMHSA (2009-2018) through the Statewide Consumer Network Grant, Fresh Start has been able to promote the utilization of WRAP as a catalyst for transformation for individuals, families, organizations and communities. 

To learn more about WRAP, please see the video's below.

If you are interested in future Intro to WRAP or WRAP facilitator trainings, Please email us at or call us at 305-623-9937. 

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